DIY Buffalo Plaid Cardstock

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season draw¬†to a close, I feel like I can settle back into my weekly routines, this blog included! Christmas is my favorite holiday for a few reasons but I do always look forward to packing everything away and beginning a new year with a fresh start. One … Continue reading DIY Buffalo Plaid Cardstock

Handmade “Monsters University” Sully Costume

Don't let your little one go as any ol' Sully monster! Let them be the best looking one in town. They'll stay warm and cozy and look incredible in this handmade faux fur "Monster's University" costume.

Why Did I Start a DIY Blog?

I have always been an artist and creator. Fabrics call to me. Cardstock whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I have a habit of turning others' trash into treasure. OK, you get the point. In adulthood, I found creative outlets as a musician, seamstress, baker and crafter, even driving my husband crazy by making nearly … Continue reading Why Did I Start a DIY Blog?