Christmas Bow Canvas

finished-bow-canvas-3.JPGI consider the Friday after Thanksgiving not Black Friday but the official beginning of the Christmas holiday season! My tree goes up immediately and the halls are decked to the nines. I love carefully selecting new items to add to my holiday decor each year, more so when it’s a project I concept and create.

When I saw this new bow tie punch from Fiskars I immediately thought holiday decorations! The first project I worked on was this really simple holiday bows canvas.




  • 1 canvas
  • Card stock (I went with traditional Christmas colors)
  • Fiskars bow tie punch
  • Double sided tape or glue dots
  • Hot glue


This punch is so clever because it punches out all the pieces you need to make a sweet little bow tie with one squeeze. Then you just assemble them with glue and some dexterity. I enjoy working in the realm of the traditional Christmas color palette but the sky’s the limit here!


Once I had all my bows punched out and put together, I prepped my canvas by dividing it into equal sections with painter’s tape.


I then placed the bows in the order I wanted them and made sure I left enough room for the words. Once I was satisfied, I used a dab of hot glue on the back of each and secured to the canvas. I realize the poor little bow in the top left is askew, which I immediately fixed after editing the pics!

I used red acrylic paint to hand scribe happy holidays in the lower right corner. If I were to redo this project it would be to use Sharpie or a paint pen instead of a brush. I’m not skilled enough in hand lettering to have nailed that and it suffered a tad as a result. But I love this little canvas anyway!

To style it, I created a little vignette with a faux tree, snowman figure (with bow tie!) and a wood plank.

I can’t wait to share my next bow tie idea with you next week!

How would you use the bow tie punch?


Holiday Bow Canvas.png

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