Gilmore Girls-Inspired Cookies

Three days! While everyone else is preparing for their Thanksgiving feast, I’m making shopping lists with toaster pastries and licorice. I’m also whipping up some yummy “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”-inspired sugar cookies.


I originally had the idea for the Luke’s Diner coffee cup cookies and wanted to round it out with cookies representing each of the four seasons. To make the coffee cups, I used a mitten cookie cutter and cut off the rounded top. I shaped the bottom of the cup and the handle just a tad to give it more of a 90s giant mug-feel that is Luke’s

The seasonal cookies were made using themed cookie cutters.

  • Winter: snowflake
  • Spring: butterfly
  • Summer: dolphin
  • Fall: acorn


The dolphin is a little out of left field, but it was a cookie cutter I already had!gilmore-girls-cookies-3

My go-to recipe for sugar cookies is from The American Test Kitchen Baking Book. Although they’re all equally tasty, the Luke’s Diner cookie is my favorite.lukes-diner-cookie


What treats are you making (or buying) for your “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” marathon?

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