Handmade “Monsters University” Sully Costume

sully-featured-imageWhen I asked my 3 1/2-year-old what he wanted to be for Halloween the answer was clear: he wanted to be “Sully monster” from the Pixar movie “Monsters University.” It is by far one of his favorite movies right now and to be perfectly honest it is a great movie for adults, too. Sometimes my husband and I will even request that we watch it. Hey, it sure beats Caillou right?

Anyway when it came time to creating a Sully monster costume, I considered a few routes. Initially I looked up Sully costumes online but wasn’t super impressed with them. If my first thought is, “I could make that,” then I know it’s not a winner. So for the DIY Sully costume, I first considered a sweatsuit. A quick Amazon search produced results but nothing I was over the moon for.

Next, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and looked for a color match in any cozy material. I spied this teal fur and I was sold!

Supplies (for a 4T costume):

  • 1 1/2 yards teal fur
  • Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color in purple
  • Poly-fil stuffing
  • Purple felt
  • Leather scraps
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Velcro
  • Paper grocery bags
  • Plastic gloves


To create the shape of the costume, I used an old 4T Halloween costume we had hanging in my son’s closet. I laid the fur fabric out and folded it so it was wide enough to fit the bodice of the old costume I was copying. I laid the old costume on top of the fur and then cut carefully around the old costume to create the bodice.


I did the same thing for the other side of the bodice, folding it the opposite direction. Next, I laid out the fur and placed the arm of the costume on top, cutting out two arms.

For the hood, I used a hooded sweatshirt as the template. In hindsight, I should have used the hood of the old costume as a template for the base length and the height because it ended up being a little short and made the costume fit a little small as a result. I probably could have fiddled with the inseam, too, but I left it for the purpose of trick or treating.

I initially thought to put in a zipper but decided to go with Velcro for speed and convenience. I used a peel-and-stick Velcro along the entire seam where the zipper would have been. In order to get it to stick properly to the fur, I gave it a pretty good haircut where I was going to apply the Velcro. For a more long-term fit I recommend sewing it in.

Once the costume was assembled I took it outside for a pop of purple. I created two circle templates from a grocery bag (one large, one small) and had an extra paper bag to protect the driveway from purple paint. I put on some plastic gloves, placed the template on the fur and added a shot of purple color.


Working quickly, I rubbed the purple into the fur to get coverage throughout the strands. I hung the costume outside to dry completely. This Color Shot stuff worked pretty cool. It was tacky at first but once dry was soft to the touch.


To create the spikes, I cut triangles from purple felt and sewed a 1/4″ seam around the outsides. I turned the triangles right side out and used just a bit of Poly-fil to stuff them and make them look nice and full. I hand-sewed the spikes to the body of the costume.



For the tail, I added the purple polka dots to a rectangle of the fur first and let it dry.


Then, I cut out the shape of the tail and folded it in half, right sides in, placing the spikes along the seam with the points inside of the tail. I then sewed the seam. This was tricky! The fabric and spikes were really thick, so go really slow! My seam looked like a train wreck but it didn’t matter since it was the inside of the tail. I cut a circle of fur for the base of the tail, pinned it and sewed it, leaving about 3 inches open.


Then, I turned the tail right side out (the spikes should also be right side out) and stuffed the tail with Poly-fil. Finally, I sewed the rest of the tail base by hand. To attach the tail to the body, you could add Velcro but I just used a few safety pins.


For the horns, I made use of some leather fabric scraps I had hanging around. I sketched out the horn shape on the backside of the leather with a Sharpie, folded it and cut out two pieces at a time for a total of four horn pieces. I don’t recommend curving the horns too much or it will be a nightmare to turn the horns right side out! Sew the seams together, turn the horns right side out and stuff with a little Poly-fil. When I tried to sew the horns onto the hood I broke a needle. No joke. So in an epic display of shortcuts, I pulled out my trusty temporary seam fabric glue and stuck those suckers on top of the hood! And it worked!

The Rest

Now that the costume is complete, just add some teal face paint and cut out a couple eyebrows from the fur and attach to your kiddo’s face with eyelash glue! Add some teal gloves and you’re set! You could make some hand covers and shoe covers with the fur, too. I just ran out of time!


I love my little Sully monster. He loved going around “scaring people.”

I’d love to know, what monster would your little monster be?

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