DIY Pallet Canvas String Art

DIY Pallet Canvas String Art.png

There’s something about the place you call home, isn’t there?

I grew up on a small crop and livestock farm surrounded by fields and bluffs in central Wisconsin. That’s where I planted my roots. After moving to Madison for college, I met the hubby and we settled down in Sun Prairie.

I wanted a way to honor my love of both Madison and our current home in our decor and simultaneously hoped to scratch the itch to try string art. Behold!


  • Wire nails
  • String in desired weight and color
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Packing tape
  • Wood canvas
  • Printout of state outline


To kick this project off, start on your computer:

  • Search for an image of the state outline
  • Save the image to your desktop
  • Open a word processing document
  • Paste the image of the outline into the document
  • Crop so the image can fill the entire sheet of paper
  • Paste the image into a second page, cropping the other side of the image
  • Print both pages

Next, cut out both outlines and tape the two pieces together to make one large state image.

Use a piece of packing tape to attach the outline to the canvas.

Begin hammering the nails around the outline. The material on this wood canvas was soft enough that I could push the nails in with my thumb a little — very helpful when completing this project while the babes take a snooze.

Once the nail outline is in place, remove the paper state outline.

Determine placement for the heart and begin to add nails for the outline.

Begin looping the string around the nails, wrapping it around a state outline nail and then a corresponding heart outline nail.

Heads up: I had to remove and move some nails as I began to wrap the string in order to maintain the state’s shape. This may vary depending on the shape of your state (I bet Colorado would be a nightmare ; ) ) and the placement of your heart. I don’t know if this would work as well for someone who wanted a heart for, say, Green Bay.

If you want, you could keep stringing from state outline nail to state outline nail for a more complex, textured look. I was going for simple!

Once the string art is complete, dab a small drop of red nail polish on the heart outline nail heads.

Last, find the perfect place to hang it on your wall. I incorporated ours into the family gallery wall in our living room.


Do you feel inspired to do a little string art of your own? I’d love to know what you would create! Tell me in the comments.

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