Thrifted Tray Chalkboard


No matter the season or holiday, it’s always nice to have a piece of decor you can update quickly and simply. For me, that’s a chalkboard.

Supplies Needed:

I found this gorgeous tray at a “Dig & Save” St. Vincent de Paul. It looked a little rough around the edges, but nothing Bar Keeper’s Friend couldn’t repair! The image below shows the original condition on the right and after Bar Keeper’s Friend on the left and in the middle.


Once I polished the tray and cleaned it all up, I painted on a coat of black chalkboard paint and let it dry.


And another:finished-chalkboard-4

And finally a third coat of chalkboard paint. Once the tray was completely dry (I let each coat cure about 24 hours), I rubbed a piece of chalk sideways over the entire tray to prep it. I cleaned off the chalk and rubbed more on, letting this coat sit a few hours. I then cleaned the entire tray and wrote my message in chalk.finished-chalkboard

You could also use a chalk paint pen, or even regular paint, if you want a more permanent message. Imagination is the limit with this project!

****Heads up: This post contains affiliate links. Any opinions within this post are my own.

Have you ever turned an old tray into a chalkboard? How did it go? Let me know in the comments.

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