Why Did I Start a DIY Blog?


I have always been an artist and creator. Fabrics call to me. Cardstock whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I have a habit of turning others’ trash into treasure. OK, you get the point.

In adulthood, I found creative outlets as a musician, seamstress, baker and crafter, even driving my husband crazy by making nearly ever piece of decor for our wedding. Lately, I spend my work days as a marketing professional and my evenings and weekends creating decor for our mid-century home, baking sweet treats for all who will enjoy and concocting clever costumes and crafts for our two adorable boys.

For years, I’ve put off starting this blog because I was afraid I had nothing original to say and thought my photography or projects or I wouldn’t be perfect enough. One October, the stars aligned and it was if the universe was telling me to start putting myself out there, perfection be damned! It’s the enemy of good, after all. So, the time is now!

My DIY Nest is a place for me to share my projects and creative point of view with you. If you love to create something from nothing, or from something old, then this is the place for you.

I’d love to hear from you, your questions and ideas. Why do you create? Or, why do you blog about creating?? Let me know if the comments.


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