DIY Dinosaur Costume

dinosaur.JPGHalloween is knocking down the door and I’m happy to share with you some great inspiration for a roaring good dinosaur costume.

When I ultimately decided to make a toddler dinosaur costume, I hustled my rump over to Pinterest to find some inspiration and hopefully a good how-to. I found this blog post from Rust & Sunshine and was instantly smitten with a costume concept that a super cool kiddo could pull off any day of the week. She found her dinosaur sweatshirt tutorial from Living Loving Learning (looks like the link no longer works) and her dinosaur tail tutorial from Running with Scissors.

Supplies Needed:

There wasn’t a whole lot I wanted to change about this costume. I followed tutorial by cutting two lines lengthwise on the sweatshirt – one on the hoodie and one down the back.

Next, I cut triangles from felt and added interfacing in between the layers to give additional stiffness so the spikes would stick out and up better. I sewed up the edges, leaving them raw rather than turning the whole deal inside out (or is it right side out?) Then I turned the sweatshirt inside out and pinned the spikes along the cuts on the spine and head and sewed along the entire edge.

To complete the sweatsuit, I cut circles from felt and hand-stitched them on. I even created elbow patches for the sweatshirt.

To create the tail, I purchased a jersey fabric that matched li’l guy’s sweatsuit. I cut out a long triangle and sewed the edges, right side facing in. I then turned it right side out and stuffed the tail with pillow stuffing. I cut four strips from a grey, non-stretchy material to create the waistband and a circle to close off the tail. Once those were sewed together, I added some velcro to make the tail easy to attach. Quick tip: Don’t make too long because it will drag on the floor and wear down faster.


This costume turned out so fun and it got its use way beyond Halloween. Li’l guy loved to wear the sweatshirt, especially.

I’d love to know, what colors would you make your dinosaur? While you’re here, check out my fox costume tutorial.

****Heads up: This post contains affiliate links. Any opinions within this post are my own.

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