DIY Infant Fox Costume

fox_costumeThis DIY infant Halloween costume post is three years in the making! For our oldest fella’s first Halloween, I wanted to hand make a fun woodland-inspired costume and decided quickly on a fox, one of my favorites.

I admit, I searched online for fox costumes to see if a pre-made version would meet my expectations, but alas I came up empty-handed. Besides, I wanted to make his first Halloween extra special. So imagine my delight when, while searching for materials to make this getup, I stumbled upon a burnt orange oversized women’s sweater. I wish I had the foresight to take a picture of the sweater in its original state. Le sigh.

In order to create this costume, I used a long-sleeved onesie as my pattern to get the shape and size of the bodice correct. Once I had the main components cut out, I used the the sweater remnants to create the rest of the costume. This sketch gives you an idea of how I ultimately laid everything out.


Ultimately, I cut out the following pieces:

  • Left front bodice
  • Right front bodice
  • Bodice back
  • Tail
  • Ears (4x)
  • Hat (2x)
  • Pockets (2x)
  • Sleeve cuffs (2x)
  • Two buttons to embellish the hat




I also cut the pieces for the whites of the ears and tail from felt. Lastly, I cut the interfacing of the ears from foam sheets (not pictured) to give them shape.

After the pattern pieces were cut out, I began pinning and sewing. First, I sewed the cuffs to the sleeves and the pockets to the front bodice pieces. Then, I pinned the bodice together, right sides facing each other. I layered the two front bodice pieces together so I could create one continuous inseam. The collar was tricky since I was reattaching it to the back, so I left it for the end in order to get the fit perfect.


Next up, the accessories.

To create the hat, I cut a simple hat shape from the sweater, using a finished sweater edge as the bottom of the hat. I then pinned the pieces with right sides together and sewed along the raw edge.

I cut triangles from foam to create the ears. I used the foam as my template for the sweater material. To get the curved shape, I cut a small slit (1 to 2 inches) in the middle bottom of the foam and then overlapped the flaps, doing a quick stay stitch to hold the ear together. Next, I cut a one-inch slit in the white felt inner ears, overlapped the flaps and and hand-stitched them to the front pieces of the ears.

Then I pinned the ears, right sides together, and sewed around the outsides. I flipped the bottoms in and hand-stitched the bottom of the ears, attaching them to the hat. Lastly, I sewed the buttons on the edge of the hat to give it a little extra pop of texture.


To complete the tail, I folded the fabric in half with right sides together and sewed the edge. Next, I cut the tail tip from white felt and sewed it to the tail by hand. Last, I stuffed the tail with Poly-fil and hand-sewed the base of it. To attach it to the costume, I just used a large safety pin, but you could also use velcro, buttons or snaps.


I also created his little bow tie, ya know, to make him dapper. To put the final touches on the costume, I had little man wear long black socks and drew on a nose and some whiskers. This is a blurry pic, but look at how CUTE he is!


This costume was time well spent. I was over the moon with the final result and hope our newest babe can wear it this Halloween. If you have a crafty bone in your body, I highly recommend trying this out for your little one.

I’d love to know, what animal would you create?

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