Gilmore Girls-Inspired Cupcakes

Create DIY Gilmore Girls-inspired cupcake toppers to celebrate the Netflix revival! Have viewing party guests pledge their allegiance to Team Jess, Team Dean or Team Logan.

Why Did I Start a DIY Blog?

I have always been an artist and creator. Fabrics call to me. Cardstock whispers sweet nothings in my ear. I have a habit of turning others' trash into treasure. OK, you get the point. In adulthood, I found creative outlets as a musician, seamstress, baker and crafter, even driving my husband crazy by making nearly … Continue reading Why Did I Start a DIY Blog?

DIY Infant Fox Costume

This DIY infant Halloween costume post is three years in the making! For our oldest fella's first Halloween, I wanted to hand make a fun woodland-inspired costume and decided quickly on a fox, one of my favorites. I admit, I searched online for fox costumes to see if a pre-made version would meet my expectations, … Continue reading DIY Infant Fox Costume