Outdated Kitchen Makeover: Part 2

For those who read “Outdated Kitchen Makeover: Part 1,” you know we had our work really cut out for us on our incredible, but very behind-the-times mid-century kitchen. As a quick reminder, this is what we were working with:

kitchen during demo

Several weeks later:

And boom goes the dynamite (is that already too dated, or does it still work here?)

We splurged on custom Amish-made maple cabinets painted in white with oil-rubbed bronze hardware. We were able to get exactly what we were looking for at a reasonable price and completed quickly. Much quicker than we anticipated, actually.

And because I can’t get enough of these gorgeous bad boys, here are some more pics:

We lived with plywood countertops for the first couple of weeks while we decided what we would replace them with permanently.

Of the materials considered were concrete, butcher block, granite and laminate.

After reading up on concrete countertops, we realized we were out of our league and it would take too much time to create the mold, pour the concrete and let it cure before we could adhere it to the base cabinets.

We loved the look of butcher block, especially for the island, but the cost was much higher than we expected so we might as well go with something more durable if we were going to make the investment.

The best thing about granite was its longevity as well as the value it adds to the house. It was definitely my husband’s favorite choice, but we were concerned about the cost.

We avoided laminate because we didn’t want to settle for something we would only want to replace in five years.

We managed to find a great deal on the granite, so that’s what we went with! And we’re so happy with the results. There are so many varieties of granite, there’s something that matches everyone’s taste.

granite countertops

As you may recall, the floors had another surprise to uncover – literally! Asbestos tile! The previous owners worked around the expensive removal costs by gluing carpet on top of the dangerous flooring, which we discovered when we finally began to pry up the flooring.

To replace the flooring, we wanted to balance the white cabinetry with a beautiful, durable click-and-lock laminate from Pergo. We installed the floors ourselves. It was challenging at times, but we’re so happy with the look of it and are even more happy when the dog ran across the floor and there are no scratches to repair.

pergo hardwood laminate flooring

All this progress in just a couple months. Not too shabby, huh?

Ultimately, we made some changes and it took a couple years to completely finish the kitchen, including backsplash, but we love the final result.

What are some of the elements you would incorporate into your dream kitchen?

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